about alissa

Hi there! I'm Alissa Burton (married name is Cummings) & I write this blog.

I live in Oklahoma with my husband, Chris, and three dogs. I'm a technical writer turned nursing student. I wear mostly yoga pants, will never turn down pizza and am the two-time undefeated champ of my fantasy football league. 

I've run two half marathons and would love to try training for a triathlon. To read more about my runs & races, click here. I also love weight lifting and train at least 5 times a week. You can browse all my health & fitness posts here.

come say hi!

what camera do you use? nikon d7100 and my trusty iphone

contact info? alissamburton@gmail.com

what'd you go to college for? 
I went Oklahoma State University & graduated with an English degree. Worked as a technical writer/editor for a few years. And now I'm back with the same university, for nursing.

how long have you & chris been married?
We got married May 2012, been together since February 2009. ;)

what is "c/o" ?
It means "courtesy of", I will write that in regards to an item that was sent to me free of charge.

why did you start blogging?
Because I'm very much the creative type! It seemed like the perfect space to brain dump all the things I'm interested in [writing, photography, clothes, fitness] plus keep a visual diary of  my experiences. I have dating anniversaries, my college graduation, holidays--everything all logged on here that I can always look back on!