Growing up, traveling was a huge part of my childhood. Not only was it necessary due to my parents' jobs in the Air Force, moving us around every couple of years, but it was also a bonding experience as a family. This meant, as kids, we had an ever-changing playground of states and countries. 

We swam in Atlantic Ocean when we lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We learned to ski and ice skate when we lived overseas in Italy. Hiked and climbed Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. And now living in Oklahoma--I'm always down for hiking, paddle boarding or taking the pups swimming in our pond.

But this past spring we've added camping to that list! Camping is nothing new to me--I remember many family trips packed into a tent with my sister, afraid to get out to pee or whining about neighboring tent snorers (ahem, dad!). But for Chris, camping is a completely foreign venture! I'm on a mission to make him love it as much as I do.

Olivia digs the tent
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  1. I love your dog! So cute. Just like your camping outfit. Maybe next year, we will try also the family camp, when my son turns 2 next year. Surely he will love to live on camping tent. This is what my two boys doing when I am home. Daddy will wear his sweater jacket men and my baby boy will wear his boots too. After that, really there are so many things to clean up.


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