we took a weekend away to go camping & exploring at  Robber's Cave, OK
car is packed & we're ready to go!

let's go hiking! - we got lots of fun gopro footage on this route. 
hopefully sometime soon I can figure out a neat way to post the videos on the blog.

pit stop to take in the view
a fresh coat of deodorant was needed after this 8 mile hike!fire is built, food is cooking - time to put my feet up!

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  1. Really it is so refreshing if you will just go in the place that you really loved. I remembered our farm in the mountain, it looks like the place you'd come. I always played on the cave when I was a child. Missing them so much. Only, you need to wear cotton sweatshirt bcause there are lots of insencts in the farm as well as the sun is burning, bcecause like what I've said it was on the top of the mountain.


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