No winter blues here! It's been two months since my half marathon and your girl has been killing it at the gym lately. I'm back to lifting 5 times week again and I've gotta tell you - I freakin' love it! 

I started a new program, called PH3,  that focuses on the big three lifts: squats, bench and dead lifting. I've been determined to improve my strength in those lifts and was interested in doing a workout split that resembled one of a powerlifter's. I'm currently in week 2 and seriously digging it! 

I feel that competing in a powerlifting meet would be incredible - but my lifts aren't near where I want them to be yet! Running has taken a bit of a back seat for the moment. The Oklahoma weather has been so frigid and windy - brrrr! So when I can talk myself into a treadmill run, I'll go for a quick 3 miler after my lifting session. Am I the only one who prefers running outside so much more?

With it being the beginning of the new year, I've been toying with the idea of writing a "how I got into fitness" along with all the selfies. I thought it might give you guys a better idea of my past and how fitness has transformed not only my body but my body image as well! Interested or nah?

P.S. Into running? Me too! Read about my second HALF MARATHON experience or HOW TO RUN A HALF MARATHON WHILE WEIGHT LIFTING.

Feeling extra friendly? Check out all my HEALTH & FITNESS POSTS. Or, check out my post about MY GOAL & HOW I GOT INTO WEIGHT LIFTING. I love sharing my fitness experience and goals so I'm trying to be better about blogging about them - not just instagram-ing them!


  1. We talked about powerlifting yesterday on Insta, so I had to check out your blog. Just in time for this post, I guess! That split looks awesome, I might look into PH3. Please tell me you don't look that cute everyday at the gym haha. Love the top.

  2. Loving your gym gear, you look gorge! I've done a similar post over on my blog (it was just an excuse to buy some new gym clothes really!!), but they aren't as nice and colourful as yours.

    Jess, hi freckles x


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