Guys, I chopped off eight inches of my hair! This may seem dramatic--believe me when I say my stomach dropped when my hairdresser made the first big chop--but I was due for a change.

Usually I am the opposite of adventurous when it comes to my hair. This trend of dying your hair lavender? Not this girl. I like to keep my cut & color flattering and easy to manage. But last summer I  impulsively shaved one side of my hair and had an undercut--see here & here. That's the extent of my braveness. It was fun and Chris loved it but I decided to not keep the style.

I didn't think I would like my hair short and was expecting tears, mostly because I cried buckets of regret years ago when I cut it short and made Chris vow to never let me do it again. But I surprisingly love it! And I can't get over how light and healthy it feels.

Now that  I'm use to length, I may go back to my hairdresser to take a couple more inches off but who knows.
outfit urban outfitters mercer bib necklace and h&m sweater.

When talking to my hairdresser, I told her I wanted a longer-styled blunt textured bob stopping just below my collar bone. And here's some photos that helped inspire me to make the chop!

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