It is long overdue to update you guys on what I've been doing workout wise. And to catch you up from my last FITNESS post, I talk about injuring my knee during training for my first half marathon, taking a break from running and doing physical therapy. In that window of time, since I wasn't running, I decided to take up strength training and lifting weights to help better build my leg strength while I was on the outs.

And I got completely hooked! The hidden inner athlete Alissa (where were you when I was in high school?) has emerged and is kicking ass in the weight room. I've been weight training 5 times a week solidly for a year now and can't imagine my day without the gym.

Fitness has become a priority for me. Not only do I value it for physical reasons but mentally it has been incredibly helpful for me. I know I put up walls and avoid sharing things that are too personal but 2013 and 2014 were very difficult years for me. I was going through a rough time. I went through a dramatic career change, we suffered a miscarriage and I was having problems emotionally coping.

When we made our big move to the country I decided that I wanted to get off my anxiety medication and try a new approach. A new approach to my anxiety (which was at an all time high, complete with regular panic attacks), my insomnia, and to my plummeted self worth. I wanted use this hard time to propel myself forward.
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Along with this new mindset, Chris had encourage me to do something physical, get moving again. I still wasn't running yet since my knee was injured and he thought it might be beneficial. So I joined up with him and followed his weight lifting routine. And boy was it beneficial! It not only helped me feel physically tired at the end of the day, helping my body get into a better cycles of awake-asleep at the proper times, but it also greatly reduced my anxiety. What, every scientific study ever done crediting physical activity to reducing stress and depression was actually accurate? Shocking, I know. But sometimes you've just got to do things the hard way and figure it out yourself.

So here I am today, a year into consistently working out five times a week and I'm feeling stronger and better than I've ever felt before. My anxiety, while not gone, is completely manageable, I am sleeping. I am happy again. And my butt has never looked better.

I've somehow worked away my rough patch, though I'm sure it's not all resulted from exercise. Forever praise for my wonderful husband for helping me, in more ways than one, get through my struggles.

My fitness goals as of right now are

  • Incorporate running, at least twice a week into my current lifting program. I've signed up for my second half marathon (!!!) and I'm incredibly excited for it. Not only do my legs feel 100x  stronger (knee is still a bit wonky on cold days) than when I did my first half but I talked my dad into running with me. We're about 4 weeks out from the race and I can't wait to cross the finish line with him! 
  • Swim at least once a week. I've been swimming 1-2 times a week for the past two months with hopes of training for a triathlon in the spring or summer. I may be insane to think I could do one, especially since I don't even own a bike. But even if I'm the last person to finish, I want to push myself and do it.
  • Continue weight lifting at least 3x a week. This has been a bit of a challenge! To incorporate two run days, I've had to completely change my lifting program and reduce the amount of days I'm at the gym from 5 to 3. Ouch! Does anyone else feel like they need an extra day or two in the week?
I'd say you're definitely caught up with my fitness schedule and where I'm headed. What are your fitness goals? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Do you feel that you get more results from weight lifting than you did from running? I do a lot of cardio and I feel like I have plateaued. Just wondering if I should incorporate a weight day?

    Cutie and the geek

    1. Absolutely! I can expand on this more in a post but from the research I've done as well as in my own life, I've found that weight lifting seems to more beneficial than only running.

      Weight lifting not only helps you more calories in a shorter amount of time, equaling fat loss, it also helps strengthen and tone your muscles giving you a more lean look.

      I hope that answers your question! :)


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