Early in the summer on a whim, we bought a kayak and a stand up paddleboard. And every weekend after we've spent out on the water. Hashtag all the happiness.

It's become our weekend ritual to wake up early, eat a big breakfast and pull on swimsuits to spend the day swimming and relaxing with the dogs. Who knew how much I'd love stand-up paddleboarding so much! I can even get the dogs to swim out to me and ride on the board with me. It's pretty darn cute!

We bought a GoPro to record our water experiences, and even strapped Briggs up with it, but we're still experimental mode. Hopefully I'll have a video up soon of some of the water footage.

Update: See the video here!
we strap the paddleboard & kayak to the back of the Maverick
two seconds later, I got dunked and had a soggy hat!

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