Breaking out the shorts for another 100 degree weekend! And apologies to the general public for my pale legs. It's so bizarre and frustrating that I can spend so many days out in the sun and still not soak up any color--I suppose it's the German in me? Is that a thing?

Chris has caught motorcycle-fever and he's attempting to talk me into one. (Spoiler: it won't happen) His dad owned one when he was young so Chris grew up loving them and even took his driver's test for one back when he was the baby age of 15. And while I love the idea of going out for a fall joy ride with leaves sweeping off in all directions as we pass--I think I'd be terrified! The traffic buzzing all around you, the carelessness of car drivers. So for now, I think I'll just stick to the Harley Davidson t-shirt!
// outfit details: Francesca's sweater wrap, Harley-Davidson tee, Forever 21 destroyed denim shorts, Converse Chuck Taylor high tops in black, Old Navy sunglasses.

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