this polaroid picture means I've officially, legally and in lovingly been his wife for THREE YEARS! what can i say, marriage is my favorite. 

Chris got me this polaroid camera last year for our anniversary and I love it. Check out all those lake & lounging snaps here.
day date including brunch, day drinking, plant shopping & mad max at the theater. we're big fans of tom hardy & his flicks.
cactus souvenir from our 3yr wedding anniversary // was going to change the sheets but caught this sweet boy window-watching
geared up for the gym
when you go in for juice & deodorant and come out with new throw pillows...whoops!
I absolutely love our wall of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves but filling it up is a little project! Picked up this pretty terrarium find at Urban Outfitters. I think a little fake succulent would be perfect inside!
enjoying easter with this guy & my family #foodcoma #eatallthebread
 cheers to 26! eek, I'm still 23 in my head

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