Here's what's happening now.

  • That photo (above ^^) is old. But I've been missing my bangs lately and am anxiously awaiting my hair apt in a few days.
  • We haven't gone to the grocery store in weeks--like before the holidays, pre-family madness--and I'm turning into a lunatic. Lemme break four must-haves down for you.

    No turkey sausage or orange juice (my daily breakfast needs, for some reason I/my body can't handle eggs or egg whites by themselves so I always mix it with turkey sausage). No moisturizer (my face feels so tight and uncomfortable with facial movement and I'm pretty sure I look like Voldemort). No make up wipes so I haven't been wearing make up at all (but let's be real, base & mascara is what's been cutting it lately).
  • Sleep did not happen last night, not until 440a! Isn't that crazy? I had been on such a good sleeping schedule too. So I'm a grouch today because (1) I made myself get up at 900a so I'd sleep decent tonight (2) woke up with the PMS cramps from hell. My body needs to be more thankful and stop with the cheese-grater-shredding-my-insides-cramps, I'm saving it from the pain of childbirth at the moment. Jeez, you're welcome.
  • and lastly, this winter will be this blog's 4th birthday! (Wow. Where I delete my time, amiright?) Cupcakes for everyone!
Now I need to wash my hair, run some errands and head to the gym (New Years Resolution people, stay away from my gym!)

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