I've been feeling so fatigued this week and not quite 100%--probably due to over training at the gym, trying to rehab my knee (more on this later) and my period. But Chris got home from a work trip today so after watching one of my favorite Christmas movies (the Family Stone), we bundled up and spent the afternoon outside. Walks (and runs) are one of my favorite things to do, especially since we have plenty of space for the dogs to run, roam and play without leashes. Our house is tucked up on a hill surrounded by woods, fields and my family's vineyard. Secluded and spacious. There's no way I could trade it & go back to cramped city life!

One con about living out in the boonies? Skunks. Bane got sprayed, directly in his mouth/face, about two weeks ago and I'm still trying to scrub the odor from his fur! I'm so paranoid about the smell lingering on my blankets and clothes that I'm practically dumping whole bottles of fabric softener into the washing machine.

Side note--still tinkering with the blog layout so sit tight, I'll have everything ironed soon!

// asos beanie in tobacco, h&m puffy vest, levi's shirt, asos ultra skinny jeans in white, alloy dollhouse vodoo boots. lulu's gold eye ring.

urban outfitters fujifilm instax mini 8 camera.

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  1. hey I know this is soooo random! I just found your cute blog and I;m sad you stopped blogging :( but i've been stalking it anyways haha what lens do you use? this depth of field is AMAZING!! just sayin :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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