I am all kinds of crazy when it comes to Christmas. The second week in November, I was on a mission and lugging out all our holiday bins, boxes and, of course, our tree! A lot of my holiday traditions still take place at home with my parents--like baking sugar cookies with my mom (and eating/hoarding 97% of them)--but we've started some of our now. I can't believe this will be my sixth Christmas with Chris! How time flies!

Christmas time, and really all of fall & winter, is a comforting time for me. I'm not sure why exactly. I think maybe because I never had a single bad Christmas. It's just filled with wonderful memories and full of family. Everyone is pleasant, thinking of others, wanting to be around one another. Even home feels more inviting with the decorations up and with the tree blinking brightly. (I actually dread taking down everything because it feels so bare in the house afterwards.)

Here's a peak at the madness!
mistletoe, mistletoe!
sparkle and sequins literally everywhere.
our table top this year: a classic santa (gifted from my mom), single white taper candle, and three glass containers packed with pine cones & glitter.
a photo from last year, my sister's yummy-looking gingerbread house. can't wait to see what she makes this year!
 our stag head "Baratheon", named from Game of Thrones, all glammed up for Christmas. 
last year we had tiny red ornmanents hanging from his antlers. once the holidays are over, I think I'm going to move him into bedroom to go with a photo wall. 
 this year's addition to the tree--a glass car ornament representing our first Christmas in the new house. 
one of the many in my collection of nutcrackers! ever since I was a girl I've just loved them--I would even carry them around like dolls during Christmas time.
and one year, I got a part dancing in the Nutcracker Ballet!

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