Short version: the tendinitis in my left knee has gotten way worse and significantly more painful over the past year. Daily activities--walking, sitting in a car aka anything that makes my knee bend--causes immediate swelling and lots o' pain. Currently doing physical therapy 3 times a week until the beginning of the year when I'll do a MRI & possibly undergo surgery.

Long version: while training for my half marathon last year, I developed tendinitis in my left knee. Due to the discomfort, I took a break from running and began weight lifting to help strengthen my legs. The pain in my left knee gradually when from slightly bothersome to constantly aching.

I visited with my doctor a few weeks ago and my tendinitis has gotten worse and now my right knee, too, shows early signs. There's agitation happening from underneath the kneecaps causing them to click. And apparently, the muscle over the knee is pulling out of place when my knee bends (when walking, running, etc.).

Basically--my knee hurts, a lot. To the point where I'm fantasizing about sawing off my leg and replacing it with bionic one.

I started physical therapy about three weeks ago, going 2-3 times a week. I'm told to ice my knee 4 times daily but getting in 3 is usually realistic. Due to how quickly my knee gets irritated and swells, I might need surgery so we've got an MRI on the books.

It's hard to suddenly cut my training down so significantly since I've been pushing through the pain for so long now, but I want to be smart about getting better. Trying to be patient (ha, not my strong suit) and rest it. So no excessive walking, no running, and no more leg days at the gym. But my physical therapist did say I could deadlift. So lots of that. And icing. And butt-tons of taping up my knee.

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