I haven't been feeling like blogging at all, as I'm sure you can tell. For many reasons. I have been wanting to steer my blog in a different direction that better reflects my life and my general attitude but was unsure of how to go about changing it, and if my followers would even enjoy that.

I want to pull away from strictly fashion and outfits posts, though I still plan on doing those regularly. I feel I've disconnected a bit in sharing personal things and lost a lot of my voice over the years of blogging and that bothers me. It's my blog essentially about me so I think reintroducing more honest and personal content is where I'm headed. Just more writing, really.

I probably won't share absolutely everything that's happening 24/7--it is the internet after all!

I have been awful about picking up my camera lately (unless it's my iphone, it seems) so time to play catch up there.

Maybe a blog name change too? And definitely face lift the look of the blog. Time to get creative!

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