// 1. head phones--we're lucky enough to go to a small, local gym where we can plug in our phones to sound system so I rarely pull these out unless I'm running! But they're always packed just in case. 2. notepad--to track workouts & weights. Never leave the house without it! 3. phone--I keep off my phone during workouts, I find it to be too distracting and I like to keep focused. But it's a need since it has my workout music playlist. 
 // 1. gloves 2. knee strap 3. watch--to time rest between sets. It's crazy how fast 50 seconds flies by!
// travel size deodorant--it never fails that once in awhile I totally space and forget to put on deodorant. And those days always end up being a hard lift day. So I've learned that keeping a spare one of these in my gym bag can be the difference between a normal day or a slightly embarrassing one!
// and of course my Nike Train Frees.


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