Celebrating my 200th outfit post--how crazy! I cringe a bit looking at my first outfit post from 2010. If you follow my instagram, you've already seen a peak of this outfit. It's casual and comfy, so perfect for an afternoon of pizza and a flick at the movies with my man.

I'm having a moment with these pointed toe fierce flats. Which goes against my rule of wearing any type of shoe that makes my feet appear longer. A rule made in junior high when I hit my growth spurt way early. Tall, lanky, limbs everywhere. And a boy I liked referenced my feet as "boats". It's weird what sticks in your brain.

But I immediately loved these from Steve Madden and after not-so-gently nudging Chris, they came for my birthday. Yep, I'm such a rule breaker.
PERSUN c/o bat wing loose sweater in black // ASOS skinny jeans in soft turquoise & flat top cat eye sunglasses // STEVE MADDEN elina flats // FOREVER21 satchel

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  1. Absolutely love those shoes. You look beautiful.

    Jess x



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