I first came across this beautiful  boho necklace on Free People, and at first nearly passed it by completely due to its outrageous price. But I love Free People's concept of replacing models with customer photos online--and the photo below caught my eye. I would wear that exact outfit--the chain bib necklace with the coin detailing, the embroidered mint dress, and the light lace layer. I just love it.

What I don't love is the price! But here I found the same necklace from Urban Outfitters with a $40 difference--whaa? How can that be when both Free people and Urban Outfitters are umberlla'd under the same company? The Free People version [left] is photographed better and though placed slightly different but it's nearly identical, if not the same necklace.

It rubs me the wrong way when I have to shop around to make sure I'm not getting overcharged by a company--but with companies like Free People--you're paying for the brand not the product. I'm still in love with this necklace but not for $98, and honestly not even $58--despite all the glowing reviews. When it goes on sale at Urban Outfitters the price will finally be in my ball park!

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