Smile, it's Friday!

Boy, have our days been busy around here! I couldn't be happier though. The weather has been amazing [I love keeping the back door open], I'm back to exercising regularly and a miracle happened: Chris has spent the past few evenings reading with me. This is unheard of. We made a trip to the bookstore earlier in the week and came out with a good stack. I've been bouncing between The Paperboy by Pete Dexter and Kara Goucher's Running for Women. Chris' read?--Evolution by Joe Manganiello, his man crush. I'll probably give it a read too.

This weekend we'll be down at the new place, painting and putting in fence. I'm hoping to sneak out of fence part. Digging holes? No thanks. I'm eager to move already--I hate the feeling of being in between places. Not too much longer! The actual move is a pain but I love sorting and purging random crap. I don't know if you've heard--but Chris can be quite the hoarder.

Happy weekend everyone!
FOREVER 21 static moment cardigan // LIVE TO LOVE APPAREL neon chevron tank // ALLOY vivi sandals in black and gold [on sale!] //EXPRESS ring


  1. Stunning Alissa, that tee is just so sweet x


  2. you're so sweet! :) thanks so much


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