Strategic keep-hair-in-place/I-hate-the-wind use of the beanie today. According to the weather, Oklahoma is having "a breezy day of 35mph wind." I personally wouldn't refer to 35mph wind as "breezy" but I'm no meteorologist. But it's beautiful weather out, and I love rocking a beanie year round if I can get away with it.

I've been opting for easy and casual all weekend--cue t-shirt and jeans you see here! I feel like I have a million pairs of flats but only have a few pairs of sneakers--my Nikes for working out and my collection of Converse and Vans from high school. And today felt like a chill, slip on the ol' Vans type of day. Happy weekend everyone!

A favorite white jean look here and here.
GAP beanie // URBAN OUTFITTERS corner shop belinda tee in plum // ASOS white skinny jeans // VANS black & white checkered slip on // LOVECOCO c/o zoe chain and pearl bracelet // THEIT bossi bag in fawn


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