As you can tell from my last post--these aren't from today. And thank goodness for that because both Chris and I caught some type of bug. We're not sure where it came from but its hit hard! Our noses being red & rubbed raw from too much tissue use, a full trash bin of empty cough medicine, and every clean blanket is piled up on the couch [probably with a sleepy pup hidden underneath]. We're on day 3 and counting...yay.

On a brighter note, some really exciting things are coming together. One of them being me thinking more seriously about the blog and where I want it to go. It's time for me to put more heart and time into it. I've been blogging so long--from xanga to Livejournal, tumblr and now this. To me, my blog just isn't a pretty photo here and there--its always been a way of expression. It's something I've kept up with and built over the years. I'm proud of my blog, where it is, and the potential it has.

Despite not have posted about my birthday, I had to share this precious moon and star ring set that Chris gave me. I just adore them! I've always had an affinity with moons ever since I was obsessed with all things Sailor Moon as a kid. And believe me, the Sailor Moon phase was just one of my many phases.

But I'm off...to huddle up in couch blankets & breath in my humidifier like the sexy wife I am.
^^ Olivia cameo ^^
PIER 1 headband [ similar ] // URBAN OUTFITTERS pins and needles slubby linen trapeze top // CHARLOTTE RUSSE trapeze tunic [old, similar ] // BUCKLE striped vest [old] // FOREVER 21 velvet leggings // STEVE MADDEN elina [ on sale! ] // NASTY GAL moon galaxy ring set


  1. Hopefully by today you're feeling better! Pups definitely help as snuggle buddies :)

    1. thanks so much! and that they do ;)


  2. Hair style is so lovely in this post! Beaut :)



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