Definitely jumping the gun here in Oklahoma with these skin baring pieces! Spring is somewhere around the corner, right weather? Bring some warmth down south--and these are some of my favorites from Ruche.

It goes without saying that I immediately added the deer vase to my wishlist. I've adopted this bizarre love of collecting deer/stag things [see here & here (a photo from xmas)]. Chris and I have even named them! And with us moving in a few months, this little guy looks perfect addition for our new home!

And that romper?--goodness, bring out the sun so I can show off my legs [and back!] in that babe. I promise I won't even complain about the humidity this summer.* There is nothing better than a romper, it's an outfit that literally requires zero effort. And just go ahead & throw those wayfayer sunglasses and flatform wedges straight into my beach lake bag, please.

*Don't quote me on that.