i love this little corner of our bedroom! it's filled with personal items and has a soft, romantic feel. i newly added these pearl pillar stands to the set up. you wouldn't believe how long i've had that hanging sheer curtain! i bought it my freshman year of college--nearly 7 years ago! and aren't those  strappy ASOS heeled sandals just lovely?
little details:
 i grew up with those leaf florals & mom let me take some when i moved out. so they always remind me of home! this photo is one of my favorites--so naturally i framed it! it was taken a few months after we were married and i just can't get over his grin! i accented the mirror & gold frame with a golden C since my married name starts with C. then lastly, i stacked some of my favorite catalogs & large coffee table books gifted over the years.
 from influence

 among my bathroom clutter, I have this small dish filled with a bunch of randoms (bobby pins, hair ties, favorite rings & earrings) + two charm bracelets from Chris
glass vase with dry flowers
my two go-to fragrances - love is heaven [i wore this on my wedding day!] & beautiful day [such a spot on gift from my boss!]
 my makeup brushes
necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and my half marathon medal all stored neatly on this wood & cork accessory wall made & gifted from my dad! he even carved in the cute girl 
stashed note cards of things to remember or outfit ideas

hope you enjoyed a little peak into my room!