Two rare sightings here: a ponytail on the blog [WUT?!] and some lingering snow. Oklahoma got their version of a December snow last week and it's been slowly hanging on. Bits are still stuck to the branches of bushes and patches of sidewalk. I don't want it to go! Last night, Chris and I went out to run an errand and while driving, a light fluffy snow started to fall--it was so lovely. I made him drive around a little longer just to enjoy watching it.

Year after year, I never fail to turn into hibernation mode once the winter weather hits. And this year it has hit me even harder! I haven't been keeping my camera handy or bothered to be on my computer much. But most of all, I haven't been able to go run since my half marathon! I don't think I mentioned it much on the blog but I've always had issues with my left knee, and now it's been worse than ever. Ouch, guys. I've been a big baby about it and am eager for my doctor's appointment to get looked at/x-rays.

So what I have I been doing? Enjoying work, enjoying time off [our Netflix has been playing season after season of Sons of Anarchy & my car is repeating Enemin's new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2], enjoying decorating the house for Christmas. This is actually the first year we've actually bought any decorations of our own. Weird, right? But my first Christmas in a house, my mom gave me two tubs of goodies to decorate--so I hadn't felt the need to buy any until now!

See these over the knee socks styled last winter here.
GAP speckled infinity scarf in gray/white // RUCHE sunset glow cable knit sweater // ASOS skinny jeans // URBAN OUTFITTERS mixed knit over the knee socks // FOREVER 21 buckled motorcycle boots