Here is my winter way to wear to a high low summer dress--as a long tunic! This summer favorite somehow never made it to the blog but I did wear it--and instagram'd it--when Chris and I were in Las Vegas to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! And what better way to accessorize my anniversary dress than with this precious numbered necklace with our anniversary date? This gold number is all sorts of special--from the date to the lovely small charms. It reminds of me of all the love from that very first day when we said our vows to now, and how thankful I am for it.

Aside from the personal meaning the date represents for me [and my hubby!], it's handmade by the ever kind Hila Binyamin--serious guys, after so many buys on Etsy, I've never had a shop owner as caring about what I was ordering and making sure it was exactly what I wanted. Because I may or may not have accidentally requested the wrong year on my necklace until Chris pointed it out--I am a mess of a wife! But Hila instantly got back to me and took care of me. Plus, it's sent from far away Israel to hills & plains Oklahoma. I have many store bought things made in China, but nothing so meaningful as this delicate piece from Israel!

It'll definitely be worn again this Friday to celebrate Chris' birthday!--the old guy is turning 27! Least I can remember his birthday, right?

HILA BINYAMIN c/o personalized numerology necklace // TOBI high low "shine back like a diamond" dress in rust// GORDMAN'S sweater [old] // ASOS jeans // RUCHE suede wedges in grey // THRIFTED faux black leather clutch // BIP & BOP bracelet