^^ the half marathon training starting from week 3 ^^
Note: .2 = 200  meters, .4 = 400 meters
^^ my strength training portion starting from week 3 ^^
Note: DB = dumbbell

As promised here is my current half marathon training schedule + my strength training workout! Just click here to download & print! Committing to a half marathon was a big for me, especially registering--no backing out now! Keeping a daily and weekly schedule was/is really important to keep me on track and motivated. And I now look forward to strength training days because I get to work out with Chris and it's become a hobby we can do together!

Running for me is 40% physical and 60% mental. It's all about keeping a positive mindset--don't let the bad thoughts creep in. I found that blogging or even posting Instagram photos helped me--it allowed to stay accountable to my goals. Positive encouragement [from yourself, friends, etc.] and coaching + reaching small goals [like finishing a Saturday run!] will get you to race day feeling ready!

If I can train for a half marathon, you can too!