Call me the poster girl for ASOS because I'm a walking advertisement head to toe today! With the cold fronts & overcast days, it is the glorious time of year that allows my slug status [term thieved from Jaclyn Day] to really shine. The leggings, over-sized tops and big scarves call to me. But take a look at this--the oh-so-effortless sweatshirt [hello, gorgeous embellished pocket!] and boyfriend jean--looking all put together and polished but secretly slug status cozy & comfortable. It's a sneaky slug status outfit in disguise.

Well, the heels add a punch too.

I'm hoping after football [go Pats! go Broncos!] today, we get a chance to decorate our holiday harvest pumpkins. I've been bothering Chris about it all week and we finally picked out our pumpkins yesterday morning.

Happy weekend everyone!