Sparkly and colorful are my inspirations for this autumn season! I tend to turn more towards lots of layering and leggings slug status but this year, this wishlist has me wanting to polish up my cold weather look from time to time.

I'm just dying over that sequin t-shirt dress [4]. For New Years, my 25th birthday?--who knows I'll make up an occasion to wear that bad boy.  And you've all been slowly witnessing my new kick with statement necklaces [like here], so it should be no surprise to see those gorgeous vintage-inspired earrings [1], that'd pair up so nicely with that t-shirt dress, and a teardrop bib necklace [9]. I would put some beautiful jewelry up there from J.Crew, but let's be real--that's way out of my budget!

I've got to admit that as much as I love Zara, I rarely check their online stock! It was only by Krystin from Suburban Faux-Pas that got me to fall in love with this mustard colored shoe [7].

Any fall favorites here?