Look no further! Grab your earbuds and running shoes & tune into one of these awesome workout stations! Pandora has you covered.

Add any of these fitness training stations to your Pandora & personalize your workout music by tapping "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to get the perfect mix of music.

When I run, I like to listen to the Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout station, or a mix on my iTunes. Running is very mental for me--no matter where I am in the run my energy can vary but hearing a good song with a fast-paced beat can push me back to full tempo! I've tinkered with the station over the months and now, it's exactly where I want it: electronic, fresh and energetic songs from artists Pitbull and David Guetta. My favorite running song this summer is M.A.J.O.R. by Kay. It always gets me pumped up!

For my strength/weight training in the gym, I switch over to the Hard Rock Strength Training station--the intensity of that station helps me lose myself in the music and focus on my technique/breathing. I finish up my workout feeling great! 
 alternative endurance training pandora radio station feat. OneRepublic!

Now you have the stations, so go sweat! No excuses!