We wash our face everyday to cleanse away makeup, oil, and even bacteria--but do you wash your makeup brushes? Quality makeup brushes--ranging from $5-$50+ can be an expensive investment. So girls, time to take care of our makeup brushes and more importantly, our faces! Our makeup brushes trap, collect & spread bacteria that leads to clogged pours and breakouts--ick. Who knew?

Time to stop skipping one of the most important steps of makeup: cleaning our brushes. Are your makeup brushes in need for a cleaning?--well here's how!

And let's get to our how to:

    1. Find a makeup brush shampoo. I use a clarifying Pantene shampoo that I keep on hand [well, in shower, for my hair] but any clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo [like Johnson's Baby Shampoo] will do the trick! And if you're extra particular about your products--try out this shampoo specially made for cleaning makeup brushes.

    2. Lay out  your brushes. Grab your first brush and begin by running it under lukewarm water, rinsing your brush out. This helps loosen and remove all of the residual makeup and bacteria that's built up.

    *Focus more on the actual bristles of the brush, avoiding the part of the brush where handle meets bristles--as this can loosen the glue over time.

    3. Fill the bowl [or glass!] a little less than half full with lukewarm water + a squirt of shampoo. Grab one of your brushes and swirl the tip/bristles around in the water for a few seconds.

    4. Rinse out your brushes [you guessed it, with lukewarm water], squeeze out the excess water, and make sure they are smoothed out into their original form. 

    5. Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean and then lay your brush on a towel flat to dry overnight.
    *Some prefer to lay their brushes flat against a cloth/towel to dry or you can lay them to where the bristles are hanging freely. Your choice!

    One brush down, pick your next brush to go!