• AM: at home tasks, grocery and mail run + Lowe's pit stop
    H&M striped scarf [gifted, similar here or here], Zara sweater, ASOS skinny jeans, GAP ballet flats [old]
  • PM: out for a dinner celebration & movie with the handsome husband
    Urban Outfitters rhinestone bib necklace [ similar ], Zara sweater, ASOS skinny jeans, Alloy heels + Maybelline's wild cherry lipstick
I should give out a prize to anyone who can remember when I did the very first [and ahem, only] am/pm post. Let's shake the dust off my am/pm #1 circa 2011--yikes!!--with a 2013 version. Let's ignore the "no white after labor day" rule because frankly, I really love wearing white jeans in early fall. And I love the color white, or for all you art/graphic design nerds out there with your "white is not a color"--what my eyes see when they look at light which contains all the wavelengths of visible spectrum. That, I like. 

And here's a Youtube video of week courtesy of my sister Melissa. It's for all you hashtaggers out there! #guilty #whodoesn'tlovejustintimberlake? #lolololololol
Speaking of hashtags, make sure to check out more looks on the blog featuring #coloredjeans !