I'm happy to say my mom is recovering wonderfully from her kidney donation operation. I couldn't be more proud of my mom., her accomplishments, and what she has overcome. I may be a daddy's girl, but my mom is my hero.

Since we've gotten back to our house, I've been feeling the urge for change. This includes demanding Chris' help in rearranging & redoing our home, improvements in my work out schedule [morning runs + weight lifting], and poking my nose into [hopefully] a new opportunity. And yes, I suppose, layering like it's actually cool outside. It's not, but I have a thing for wearing sweatshirts with shorts.

P.S. We took these photos late in the evening, after a matinee [The Wolverine -- we dig X-Men movies!!], and my hair is/was looking all kinds of crazy bright.
WALMART sunnies / EXPRESS leopard scarf [gifted from R!!] / ZARA sweatshirt / URBAN OUTFITTERS shorts [on sale!] / FOREVER 21 "love" ring, blue ring & desert booties / GALISFLY c/o midi rings tacked as pinky rings