Despite my lovely looking roots peaking out, the middle part has returned! Well, at least for now, I've been wanting to change up my hair but it's nearly impossible. Reason 1, I don't want to change the length. Any trims that take off more than two inches send me into panic frenzies and instant regret. I've banned my hair dresser from doing snipping off anymore length no matter what "sound" reasons or arguments I present. And Reason 2, I like being blonde. My natural color is more of a dirty strawberry blonde--don't let these photos fool you. Platinum blonde will make any hair color look brown. I did fly off the handle once twice and go full on brunette for a few months--proof. Yikes, right?

And finally, Reason 3, until a few days ago I refused to part with my bangs. I'm a bangs girl all the way. Side swept, blunt--love, love it. My hair has had bangs for over ten years--it's desperately fighting this middle part. But I'm going to try it out--grow out the bangs a bit, middle part and all. I even think I might change up my usual color too...we'll see. I won't go too crazy. That's how you end up drunk and allowing your friend to buy WalMart brunette hair dyes for you.

After two paragraphs about my hair, I'll only bore you a little more about by saying I'm all over this top. Or, I'm all over this top being all over me. Can't go wrong with stripes in my mind [and don't you love these different striped side panels?] and the peplum silhouette, I feel, is so flattering. And such a bargain at $15! I'm air high fiving myself right now.

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OLD NAVY sunnies / FOREVER21 striped peplum top / URBAN OUTFITTERS rhinestone bib necklace [ old, similar ] / ASOS jeans in turquoise & pointed heels