Hope everyone had a good weekend! We sure did. I'm pairing three of my favorites--leopard print, stripes, and the sweatshirt & shorts combo. I think this can be added "Sweats and Shorts: A Wardrobe of a Weather Confused Girl" series I've got going. Haha.

I tend to steer away from sharing particular private or difficult things going on in my life on the blog. I like the ability to share but I do think it's important to keep a certain distance for personal matters. Right now, Chris and I are in an odd spot of "determining our future", which resolves in long conversations that often end where they began. It's weird getting older. Before, as in careless college days, it was perfectly fine to just have general ideas and dreams of what you wanted your life to be--husband, home, where to live, career, kids, etc.--but now suddenly we're in the position where you have to make an active decision to which way life will go, otherwise it will stay the exact same [which is obviously fine in some cases].

Plainly: getting older is hard and I get very uneasy about making decisions that lead to definite change. Can't I just get a cheat map to see how each road would end up?
EXPRESS earrings & leopard scarf / ZARA sweatshirt [similar] / AMERICAN EAGLE striped shorts & watch / TAILOR AND STYLIST c/o bow flats / FOREVER 21 studded pyramid bracelet [similar] & "love" ring / GALISFLY c/o midi rings stacked as pinky rings