It's 72°, cloudy and rainy but feeling wonderful outside. It has me itching for fall. As much as I like the long days of summer and swimming for hours, I live for the cold & gloomy months. I get to embrace my homebody nature, hole up without having to dole out lazy excuses, wear heavy layers and enjoy my favorite holidays. Besides, I prefer running in the colder weather as well. Chris and I always joke about moving up to the mountains and living like hermits, like Johnny Depp from Secret Window. Secluded together, me writing, and living with our dogs--minus that whole murdering bit.

You get to a see a preview of one of the tops I snagged from ASOS' fourth sale. [I'm already pairing it with so many outfits in my head! I'm so glad I nabbed it before it went out of stock.] I plan to do a small haul video & post for some of new goods.

Also, as you can see, I caved & bought some boyfriend jeans. I'm afraid I caught the bug.
ASOS sunnies, top & warehouse boyfriend jeans [on sale!] / URBAN OUTFITTERS bc footwear animal print wedge / STEVE MADDEN satchel [old]