t's bachelorette party weekend in TX! 3/3

 Well this is the last installment (recap the first & second here!) of T’s bachelorette party weekend in Texas! It’s fun to compile & post these instagram photos today because tomorrow that bachelorette will be a newlywed! ♥ Everyone in these photos will be dressed up, walking down the aisle—all to celebrate and support T as she chooses to dedicate and share her life with her best friend, lover, and her very own modern day prince. I couldn’t more excited for her, and for them!

T came up will the awesome idea of having a hash tag for her bachelorette party—#tmbach2013. That way any photo we uploaded to instagram during the bachelorette weekend, we could tag and be able to see the whole collection of photos from the trip! [see above left photo]
So here are everyone’s captured moments, enjoy #tmbach2013!

T's bachelorette invitations / packing up for T's bachelorette weekend! Texas bound! / fish faces 
sleepy Alissa is sleepy / what happens in terrible traffic--you book concert tickets ;) / traffic y'all
Austin, TX / mirror pic with everyone! / an appropriate place to stop for lunch!
shopping somewhere in Texas / maid of honor & bride to be :) / Great Dane loving! 
this is what we call tourist shopping / hello! / when your favorite sandals are falling apart & you find these at Zara
yum yum yum / first drink of the night!  / getting fancy for dinner
Kala! / starting off dinner right... / ...with my favorite drink!
photo booth is ready for tonight! / bride to be & future sister-in-law :) / group photo booth shot! 
;) / T's bacherolette bitch chalice! / Grace & Kala!
second stop of the night! / so this happened... / final stop of the night!
about to hit the road! this weekend was clearly a win ;)

*Recap T's bachelorette party weekend with Part One and Part Two!

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