t's bachelorette party weekend in TX! 2/3

One thing I knew I wanted to have when I started planning & putting T’s bachelorette party together was a photo booth! We just had to have one! Plus it allowed us to do the before & after photos from going out, which I love.
I had been patrolling Etsy for a while ahead of time for the right type of photo booth props—because let’s be real, I am not that crafty. I found and ordered the perfect package set for the party and even customized/mix & matched a few items [like those awesome bride & groom glasses props seen above!] from Paper and Pancakes. With the speedy delivery all that was left was to find a backdrop and a few decorations. My original thought was just getting white backdrop but when I passed this [ahem, raincoat] chevron fabric, I snagged it immediately! 
After T’s lingerie shower & a few pre-gaming shots, we put on some dance music and I set up the camera and tripod—it was time to grab a prop & strike a pose! It had to be one of my favorite parts of the night!
So let the #tmbach2013 photo booth begin! Enjoy ;)

*Continue T's  bachelorette party weekend with Part Three, or recap with Part One! :)

Invites: My Piper Press. Photo booth props: Paper and Pancakes. Photo booth backdrop: Hobby Lobby. Photo booth decorations: Par Galaxy. Camera: Nikon D3100.

Lots of love to my trusty tripod for making this photo booth do-able, as well as my dad allowing me to "borrow" [his definition, mine "keep"] his tripod.


  1. There's nothing better than a good photo booth session, especially with friends. These shots are adorable!

  2. These pictures are just brilliant! This is such an awesome idea, and it seems like you had a freaking epic time! xxx



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