Monday - ab workout

Tuesday - 7.5 miles cycling

Wednesday - legs & buttwork out + interval treadmill 5k run
[see left photo above, thanks to reva ballerina via tumblr for sharing!]
Thursday - 8.2 miles cycling
Friday - rest
Saturday - chest & triceps workout + 2 mile jog with Chris

Hello, hello! As you can see, I’m switching things up a bit with how I’m posting my half-marathon training progress. I have been unintentionally drawn to wanting to post more about working out & how and to what my fitness goals are evolving to. It started out with a simple goal of wanting to train & complete a half marathon [already signed up! bring on November!] but has grown into more. I see more things I want to try, to do. [Maybe attempt the full marathon next April??] I actually enjoy working out now. Trust me, I’m more surprised than you are! Even though I was in track in high school, I was never really athletic—which was very difficult since I’m from a small, very sports-obsessed high school.

This blog is all about documenting my life, my journey—and now fitness is apart of it. So even if I end up completely ditching it all after I do my half marathon, hopefully for some it’s interesting and maybe even motivating/inspiring? Who knows! Even if no one reads it, I can one day look back and remember “that one time I was training for a half marathon & attempting to eat well."

Anyway, my social calendar has finally slowed down but I’ve been feeling a bit bored with just running on the treadmill. Thank you freezing, rainy, and cold Oklahoma. I have temporarily jumped ship from my half-marathon schedule and tweaked it a bit with incorporating some new aspects [basic beginner’s yoga, cycling & weight lifting] to my work out [weights courtesy of Chris with all his bottomless knowledge & patience]. Chris even surprised me this morning by offering to come run with me. This is a big deal—he hates running. I was literally shocked & smiling from ear to ear.

Couples who play together stay together, right? ;) 

Fit tip: Not drinking enough water? When your body doesn’t get enough water, the next time you drink it will store the water in your body causing you to gain extra lbs [hello water weight]. It’s called water retention. It’s easily preventable by exercising & sweating out excess water + drinking water regularly during the day.
Left photo credit: Equinox  / Right photo credit: @nikerunning’s instagram