Guys, I am actually extremely proud of myself. I’ve been working out a solid nine weeks (nine weeks, I sound like I am talking in pregnancy-time) now. I made a schedule*, I’ve kept to my schedule, and I’ve gotten to the point where my half marathon training has become more than just training. I enjoy running/jogging. I like that I’m active. What started out as a goal to train and run the half marathon has now become something I’d like to continue after the goal is met. Make keeping my body active a priority.
And beyond running, I’ve even been looking for more things to involve myself in. I’m joining a weekly yoga class—which is slightly terrifying. My body is as flexible as celery and I haven’t been in a workout classroom setting since…that year I did ballet in junior high? (Please let this go well…especially since I already bought the yoga mat.) And I’ve been searching all our local gyms/studios for a barre class (ballet meets yoga & pilates)—but with no luck. Closest class is in the city, 45 minutes away, but I did stumble across this website that has online workouts that I’m eager to try out.
Side note: The tell tale sign that these were not taken before/after my workout is that I’m wearing makeup (it has become a compulsive habit to take it off beforehand), hair is nice, and my face is not a not blotchy mess.
I’m feeling good, real good. And ready to start week ten!

NIKE hoodie in grey & pink / UNDERAMOUR tee / FOREVER 21 leggings / H&M sneakers

*And yes, I still need to update the blog & you guys on my progress for training weeks 7, 8, & 9. Will get on that!