Recognize this skirt from this winterized post? Poor thing has been hanging on my rack of favorites just waiting for a fluke warm Oklahoma day, which was Monday. Finally it can see the sun—as can my ghostly legs. Trick: wearing white always make you look tanner without the tanning bed.
But with this month & the next being packed full with events that include showing some skin. Bestie’s bridal shower & bachelorette party, my birthday, and her wedding (!!!) and not to soon after, my one year marriage anniversary with Chris (wow. already?! time to turn on my romantic charm!). I’m thinking a nice glow from the tanning beds will do until I’m out & about the lake exposing myself to natural sun. Natural sun has trouble getting into my work space. It’s that whole no windows and wearing clothes to work thing.
Side story: We got a tanning package—we meaning Chris and Alissa. Not just Alissa. Because Chris likes to tan. This is one thing I like about him. I will never be the girlfriend wife that drags along her man to a tanning salon to sit awkwardly and embarrassed among a throng of college girls (and frat guys) getting ready for spring break.* This man is usually heading the parade to sign in and get dibs on the first tanning bed…while I sit squeezed in among the throng of girls.
*Will always hold a grudge/envy against  those college kids that get to go on spring break and let loose. I can remember all of mine in one four words: more work, extra money. Their four words: beaches, booze, bikinis, and boats.
Tanning and nakedness aside, I feel a duty to give you guys a heads up about this bangle. Aside from it’s appeal—hello half rhinestones, half leather. [picture dreamy eyed Alissa] I really hadn't seen much like it around on the ~blogosphere yet. But ironically, not too long after this baby made its way into my mailbox, Chris and I were at the outlet mall to browse for new work out gear and we popped into Saks Fifth Avenue. Looking around at sales, Chris pointed out an oddly similar bangle to my Tripp Boutique one—but for a staggering amount! I showed him the price tag. “Even if it was the same price—I like the one you have better.” he said. This fashion-savvy man read my mind & I left the Saks Fifth Avenue bangle back among the piles of overpriced name brand jewelry feeling good about the insane bargain I just realized I had scored.
THREADSENCE blouse / TAILOR AND STYLIST c/o twiggy umbrella skirt / ASOS heels / TRIPP BOUTIQUE c/o frosty bangle in black

Blouse worn before here.