So remember that whole March goal of officially signing up for my marathon? Well I did it [eek. it’s official. it’s happening.] & I did one better—I signed up for another run too! The Color Me Rad 5k! It was actually a birthday present from my sister Melissa that I will be running with said sister Melissa. Fist pump dance. #teambeast will finally be reunited and make their first appearance covered in paint in May. Let’s do this.
Now, now—onto my half-marathon training progress. Don’t get caught up with my title of Weeks 7-9. So what that I haven’t updated you guys in three weeks? [yiiiikes] But listen, what I HAVE done those three weeks was train. Plus I figured I might as well add on this week since we're already halfway through it. And now the dreaded time & distance schedule…

Confession Time:
  • I don’t know where to even start with my confessions because I hardly remember week 7 or 8
  • I will first say I did not run my 7 miles last Saturday. It was rainy, windy and cold. Plus Chris had a surprise date planned out for me—ice skating, see photos here, here & here! Which we did for two hours, so in my book as long as I was doing something I am satisfied. [Though I won’t lie—I did feel a little guilty for not running. And I did desperately try to use my RunKeeper App at the ice skating rink with no luck]
  • I've been running outside for the majority of my runs! Remember how super anxious I was? Running around with a bunch of other people around—running, watching, walking [ha! passed you!], etc. Well I have conquered my anxiety for where I’ve been running
  • Having said that ^^, Ossie has been joining me for my runs. Even my 6mi last, last Saturday. I really love running with him—it gets him out and about, he helps me keep my pace and it’s nice to have a running buddy of some kind
  • But Ossie may or may not have some Alissa-like tendencies. Like being anxious about running around people
  • meaning when if we pass a group of three, he slows waaaaay down and starts barely jogging behind me [or flat out stops and veers in the opposite direction of the people]…making it look like I am this jerk jogger who is dragging her helpless dog behind her
  • To his credit, he is getting better. And I try to go around 6-7p [on week days] when there isn’t a lot of people.
  • I chickened out of going to that yoga class Monday. It was a long day at work plus other excuses. So instead I had Chik-fil-a and stayed in my sweats. It was nice. [and yes, I felt guilty for skipping but c’mon, Chik-fil-a & Project Runway are hard to beat!]
  • I think I need to tinker my schedule since this weekend I’ll be out of state—another no 7mi run—so I think Week 11 & 12 will have to be 7mi run days instead of 8. Push everything back by two weeks.
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