Before I started blogging, and regularly doing outfit posts, there were a lot of things I didn't do. Believe it or not I was a tomboy until I was about halfway through college. It was then, for no real reason, I decided to start wearing makeup, doing my hair, and giving more thought to styling my clothes. For the most part, I just wore the same handful of tops, jeans and switched it up with whatever shoe fit the season. I hardly accessorized--something I still tend to do. I didn't wear colored jeans. And I didn't wear vests. But years and a blog later, here I am in a vest and colored jeans.

I actually didn't even own a vest until this past fall. What do you wear with a puffy vest? And where do you wear it? To me, vests were for people who lived near mountains or went camping. Which I am neither. But I bought it (obviously) and have slowly been working it in. Vest worn before here and here.

Awkward Unexpected Moment of the Week: Chris seriously insisting I've worn this before on the blog. "You've worn it. That top and the vest--you've already done it. [me: No] Maybe without the scarf. [me: I just got these boots a few months ago!] And without the boots but that same outfit. You still want me to take the photos? [me: Yes] O-kaaaay."
Chris was referring to this outfit ^^^ via my instagram. I wore it out on a date day to the gun range. He was close but still dead wrong. I know it and now the internet knows it too. Bam.

In other news: I really need to visit my eye doctor to update my prescription & get new lenses, get my bridesmaid's dress hemmed (ahem, mom), hang up some newly printed photos, and send out some birthday cards (looking at you Ashley & Kim!).

H&M scarf and vest / URBAN OUTFITTERS chambray top (similar) / ASOS jeans and boots (on sale!) / FERAL tribal wrap watch / FREE PEOPLE pyramid earrings (similar)
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