Well. It’s too late to be up. But after quietly sneaking out of bed [not that quietly because Olivia followed me] into my office to write a post about being twenty-four. A day late.
You know how people always ask you if you feel any older? And, well at least for me, I never did. Even on the big ones like 16, 18, 21. But this birthday feels different. Maybe it’s because 23 was such an incredible, confusing, miserable, and eventful year for me--though good was sprinkled in too.
I graduated college. I was hired on at my company full-time after interning for seven months. Chris’ parents divorce began. I got married [!!]. We started paying my students loans. We bought a car [hello another loan + insurance payments]. And adopted our third dog.
I feel like I’ve shed the skin of who I was in college. And with that I’ve changed how I face decisions, deal with sacrifices, and swallow responsibilities as well as consequences. I got kicked in the face hard with reality when I left college. 23 was full of beautiful memories, life changes, regrets, and a lot of me questioning myself. I still feel scared and unprepared and unsure but I’m growing into myself. And as long as I have Chris next to me, I feel that it will all work out [or so he says ;) ]
I feel very weird being 24. [who and what things will I be looking back at for age 24?] Last year I made a “23 Things by 24 List”. I accomplished all but six of them. Haven’t decided if I want to do a 24 Things by 25 List. Life is keeping me pretty busy right now!—but I probably will once things settle down a bit! April is promising to be just as busy as February & March.
NOW ABOUT THESE BOOTS. These studded leather Steve madden beauties. I woke up Wednesday morning to find these bad boys & those pretty petals waiting for me—along with a quick breakfast before work. I doubt they’re exactly “work appropriate” but I wore them all day smiling ear to ear. The mister did good, real good!
After work, we had a quiet birthday celebration. Dinner at my favorite Mexican place and some homemade Oreo shakes on the couch while watching a Netflix flick.
FOREVER21 leopard cardigan & white top / ALL SAINTS black racerback / ASOS jeans [on sale! / similar ] / URBAN OUTFITTERS Steve Madden boots