Happy March! I am so not sorry to be saying soooo long to February. [waves bye] This little midget month was a trying and emotional one for me. I’m more than ready/happy to go forth into my birthday (eeek another year older!) month with flying floral print colors!
So, yeah, it’s time I address that I broke my monthly goal in February—well one of them. The goals were to ”focus on work and be more efficient + no eating out ”. Guess which was the failure? Eating out. I’m blaming Chik-fil-a and their delicious nuggets that taste aaah-mazing with (low fat and organic*) ranch. But cheating with Chik-fil-a and February is in the past. No use on dwelling on the past! Onto bigger and better things…like March’s goal! It’s to continue training for a half marathon—hey now, hey now, it’s not as easy as it sounds—I’m coming up to big runs. Like 7 miles…and all the way up to 12! And to officially sign up for my half marathon. That second one is a biiiig step. It’s a commitment.
Unless last minute I decide to ditch the half marathon and avoid my blog for a few months until you guys forget that I made a fuss about trying to run it.
*Surely I get bonus/pity points for having low fat and organic ranch versus regular ranch? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical.
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