Whoa. It’s February. Let’s recap & catch up, shall we?
  • It may not be spring but today I’m dressing like it is. I’m trying to inspire the weather, ya know?
  • I finished seasons 1-5 of Gossip Girl and Chris has been popping in & out, witnessing (long) bits of it with curiosity (though he’ll deny it). Things he’s said: “Is that chuck’s dad?—he’s suppose to be dead!”, “What they’d do?”, “What happened?—I thought they weren't friends anymore.”
    Funky chicken couldn't-be-more-excited dance that Gossip Girl season 6 comes out in two weeks. Then sadface because it’s the final season. Waaah, waaah.
  • I am in my fourth week of training for my marathon + watching what I’m eating (trying to turn this training & practices into lifestyle changes). You know what this means? I’ve worked out consistently for a whole month. You don’t have to, but I’m patting myself on the back right now. Between a busy work schedule, being wifed up, and life happening—I’m proud to be handling it all.
  • I accomplished my January goal of making a schedule & time for myself (another pat on the back? no?)
  • Now, February’s goal—focus on work and being more efficient + no eating out (including: fast food, take out, delivery, restaurants - excluding: if family comes in and wants to go out)
  • Notice I picked the shortest month to do “no eating out” ;)
  • Project Runway—watched every episode minus season 10’s finale because my DVR hates me. (How does it just skip an entire week of shows? I can’t even.) Also Project Runway season 11’s whole “teams” thing…not sure if i’m board with that ship
  • I watched ”The September Issue” documentary focusing on Vogue & Anna Wintour. It seems like real life Devil Wears Prada. Fashion takes no prisoners, but I really enjoyed the documentary.
  • Speaking of, anyone have any Netflix suggestions? Tonight we’re planning on watching House of Cards with Kevin Spacey
  • Self magazine is honestly the best well rounded magazine around—hands down. Every month I look forward to this magazine. It’s a magazine for real women.

    Rant on why:  It’s not celebrity heavy. It’s filled with positive and up lifting articles and advice about real problems. There’s little fashion and avoids having a million fashion adds (ahem Vogue, Instyle, Glamour, etc.)—you think I can afford a $70 top or itty bitty bottle of $20 eye cream?—c’mon man! No ridiculous sex lists that are really the exact ones from the last issue (ahem Cosmo). It has relevant sex & relationship, nutrition, and workout concerns, questions, and advice. Plus recipes I never use. I’m telling you—this is one magazine you won’t regret subscribing to.
  • Also I ordered this ah-mazing planner that I can’t wait to get in the mail! I love the minimalistic colorblock design printed on the covers + beautiful typography on the inside. Best of all? Only $22!

Scarf- Forever 21 / Top - thieved from mom / Pants in blush - Ruche /Ballet flats - Gap
Striped top paired before here and here.