Today was special, really special. Most Saturdays I wake up with cracks of light from the bedroom windows. A late sleep. The bed empty except for Ossie  who’s cuddled behind my knees. Chris has been up for a few hours, quietly. A bowl of eggs with ham waits for me in the microwave. But not this Saturday morning.
We woke up together. Pillow creases and lazy smiles. All the pups crowded on the bed, licking and pawing playfully—awake, energetic, and hungry. And from those first early minutes before 8a, we started and ended our day together.
From holing up in my office to work, working out & running, lazy hours on the couch icing my knee (I suspect my half marathon training is behind it but more about that tomorrow!) while watching shows, or running endless errands—I’ve had that constant feeling of being loved. Either from Chris, the pups, or both. Like now—a sleeping Olivia occupies my lap while I type away. 
I was upset last night. It was one of those times when I only feel comforted crying in the dark, wrapped up in Chris’ arms. He told me, like he often does, I feel too deeply about things or people or ideas. I tend to connect without realizing and get let down by my expectations [insert any numbers of things here]. I analyze what [insert went wrong or how I could be better]. To a friend or a stranger, I shrug it off with a joke or pretend it doesn’t bother me. But it does. And it’s bizarre the impact people can have on other people—the butterfly effect. I needed a day like today. To feel emotionally light. Sometimes it can be hard to feel the love from those around you, who you emotionally invest in and support. Only you are in charge of your own happiness—but when that love floods back your way it makes it a hell of a lot easier, and it’s a truly amazing feeling.
It’s weekends like this that you work for. And remember.
Not quite the post I intended to write. I planned on writing about how nostalgic I felt pulling on this outfit this morning. It was my uniform in college during the fall. Literally day after day after day, I’d pair this sweater layered with long comfy tanks and leggings tucked into boots. But sometimes you just have to write what comes—and today this is what came out.
ASOS beanie in tobacco / UO chambray top / THE PRINTED PALETTE tank c/o / FOREVER 21 velvet leggings / OLD NAVY boots / LILACS IN THE SUN JEWELRY spiked bracelet & chain bracelet c/o