day date with the hubs to see my girl crush Rooney Mara in Side Effects / TGIF with a handful of roses & Tailor and Stylist pointy toe bow flats!
 from Chris, celebrating us being together 4 years!   / mixing patterns
 relevant / foam rolling relief after a 3mi run & lifting weights! still committed & going strong!
 currently reading / breakfast of champions - let's get ready to run!
 Bane & Ossie (and my leopard onesie) / sweats for the win!
 relevant / currently reading - love articles by Lynn Hirschberg
meanwhile at work...snow! / it's cappie weather outside!
 snack after crossfit / ready to cozy up for the night
 off to a wedding! / new beauty goods -- thumbs down on the polish :( 
 perfect sale find from the Buckle / with my good looking man
wedding fun with friends!
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