*haus is german for house. That is me sharing my culture with you. You're welcome.

We are officially addicted to House of Cards.
Side rant: you are nuts if this isn’t on your Netflix queue because it’s brilliant. It’s politics. It’s directed and produced by David Fincher--aka a genius. It’s Kevin Spacey. And Kate Mara (aka my girl crush Rooney Mara’s older sister). It’s sharp. And the show doesn’t make you wait week after week for the next episode—it’s all available now. Netflix series do it right. So, start watching.
We may or may not be so addicted that we didn’t pause the show. For anything. Not when I was breaking up a head of salad (weird phrase), making my lunch for work today, or when I was rushing in & out of the laundry room to changes cycles and gather baskets of laundry…that I folded whilst sitting infront of said amazing show. We even stayed up past our bedtime to watch an extra episode. Yeah, we have a bedtime. Because we’ve become old people now and can’t handle waking up at 5a without going to bed before 10p. That’s a lie. I’ll be a zombie to the world until 10a unless I’m in those sheets at 9-930p. Who have I become?

(right answer: a responsible adult / more accurate answer: a struggling twenty-something pretending to be an adult because growing up is a trap)

I guess you can finally see I hopped on the peplum train. And I have to say I like it and already have my eye on a few other peplum items…;) Like this and this top!

Awkward moment of the day Story of my life: for ages when I’ve been referring to peplum, I’ve pronouce it “pe-plum” rather than “pep-lum”. Good thing Chris doesn’t know the difference.

FOREVER 21 peplum jacket in pink / FOREVER 21 sequined top / ASOS jeans in turquoise (similiar) / RUCHE  suede wedges / SORRELLI ring c/o

a/n: Photos from last week. I didn’t wear this lovely pastel spring outfit today because, well, today it is heavily snowing/sleeting outside. I’m layered up in sweater leggings under my pants, a big infinity scarf, a cozy sweater and my green raintboots. #bipolaroklahomaweather