I meant to post this on Sunday, like I have the previous half marathon updates since Sundays mark the end/beginning of each week. But today is Wednesday. What can I say? Sometimes time is not on your side & life gets in the way. That’s my excuse.
But what has not been my excuse to break my training has been my very sudden and painful left knee. Something sometime recently has happened to my left knee. What? I’m not quite sure. I just know it happened about a week and a half ago. ”How does it hurt? Like a mechanical hurt?” asked Chris. I have literally no idea on how properly address the pain. I blame this cluelessness (and all related cluelessness to running) on the fact that I treated high school track as gym with laps, not preparation for a possible future hobby. All I know is that hurts, bad. When walking sometimes, when running definitely, and even in certain sleeping positions. But it’s slowly getting better…I think.

  • Despite bum knee (that’s what we’re calling it till it’s back to the norm), I completed all my runs minus one. It was a short 2.5mi day but I felt better doing something with lower impact—stationary biking. I did 5miles on that instead
  • And I didn’t have time to do crossfit on Sunday :/ my bad time management skills
  • Positive note: my run times didn't suffer despite the bum knee
  • Negative note: I probably should stop pushing myself to beat those times when I have a bum knee. It's most likely back pedaling the healing process
  • Icing after work outs has been absolute heaven. Literally on repeat as of late: foam rolling, working out then immediately icing, and putting heating pad on it at night
  • All I will say is…Chik-fil-a. Don’t blog shame me! Snow makes me want to hibernate with a full belly wrapped up in blankets! Other than that, I’ve been keeping well to my eating routines. I even eat brown rice now, which was a failed mission my parents were on for years when I was younger
  • Encouragement from far away running buddies (shout out to R!) & comments left here has been really supportive and so great. As I'm getting to longer distances of running, I keep getting that knot in my stomach--can I do it? Can I actually run that far? It's helpful to know other people are working towards the same goals, facing and overcoming the same obstacles.
  • Seriously considering investing in these to slip into my running shoes. Has anyone used superfeet insoles before? y/n?
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