• (from Week 4) Sunday and Monday, my body felt completely dead. Like, dead dead. Dragging myself out of bed felt like an accomplishment in itself! But once I was up & around (and after some serious foam rolling) I actually felt good.
  • I’ve finally bit the bullet & ran outside! I was really nervous about how/if my time would suffer from running outside since I wouldn’t be able to control my pace the way I can on a treadmill (just increase the pace & deal, right?) But I beat my previous treadmill times! (happy dance!) And was finally able to run around other runners!
  • (from Week 4) I ran four miles. (Week 5) I ran five miles. You read right. I ran nonstop for four fives miles!—it blows my mind because never in my life have I purposely ran that far.
  • + I had a little buddy, Ossie, jogging with me for my 5mi run! Initially, I thought we wouldn’t be able to go that far because I didn’t want to exhaust him. But he did the 5mi perfectly—minus the few times he got scared of other runners/families or the awkward him trying to use the bathroom while I’m running & not realizing what he’s trying to do. When we hit 5mi, I was the one needing water not Ossie!
  • I haven’t weighed myself in a while—not on purpose, just haven’t. I’ve never weighed myself on a regular basis and I think it’s best if I keep that way while training. It’s not something I want to get fixated on.
  • Having said that, I feel like my body is different. It can accomplish and do more. It feels better and stronger. But so far, it's hard to look in the mirror and see physical changes. What’s up with that? (Rhetorical question, btw.)
  • (From Week 5) Biked 4mi on Wednesday to make up for eating Chik-fil-a & loads of ranch…and for already breaking my February goal.
Some favorite pump it up songs on my runs:
Hit the floor by Linkin Park, Always by Saliva, Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO, Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace.
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