I have been adapting well to my half marathon training schedule. Cross your fingers I’m not jinxing myself! I actually really enjoy it, as in…looking forward to it. Crazy, right? The weather has been great and I hope that next weekend I can take one of the pups to run with me. Though Ossie did try, unsuccessfully, to get on the treadmill with me at one point last week.
  • I've lost a bit a of weight but I’m crediting that to lost water weight
  • Each run this week was hard. Hard like, each time I was stretching I was thinking how easy it would be to just do something else—watch TV, vacuum, finish the dishes, anything else. But I had Chris stretching with me to do his own workouts and him reminding me it’s hard at first to get the in the groove but eventually I will ease into it
  • the amazing feeling after finishing each run
  • Meeting and not meeting goals—my speed and body can’t change overnight. I need to grasp that this isn’t an instant gratification situation. It takes time, patience (not a strength of mine), dedication
  • I need to realize that the timer isn’t my enemy while running and it’s okay for my times to vary. I am a beginner. This is a hard one to keep in mind.
Week 2—
Monday: rest + ab workout
Tuesday: ab workout + 2 mile run (time 0:26:32)
Wednesday: rest + ab workout
Thursday: ab workout + weight lifting + 2.5 mile run (time 0:32:47)
Added three minutes to time so I punish myself with weightlifting.
Friday: rest + ab workout
Saturday: ab workout + weight lifting + 3 mile run (time 0:38:45)
Shaved off eights minutes compared to last week! Fist pump! Feeling invincible…well as invincible as you can once your legs feel like jelly.
Week 3—
Tuesday: ab workout + weight lifting + 2.5 mile run (time 0:23:15)
Shaved off three minutes! Internal happy dance since I felt so faint and drained after this run.
Thursday: ab workout + weight lifting + 3 mile run (time 0:34:49)
Shaved off four minutes! Felt good.
Saturday: ab workout + 2 mile run
A two mile run that was supposed to be a 4 mile run. Very disappointed in myself for not meeting today’s goal. I think I psyched myself out. All I could think is: wow, four miles! This is probably the farthest I've ever ran consistently and on purpose!—but couldn't finish or continue once I hit the half way mark.
I couldn't breath, like literally couldn't breath because of my throat. Over the past week or so, my throat had been unbearably dry/scratchy despite the crazy amounts of water I had been drinking. My lips were dried and cracked no matter how much Blistex I applied. I was coughing, having headaches, feeling fatigued even though I wasn't able to sleep at all the night before. 
Apparently this is what strep throat feels like. And I've never had it before. And it makes running, well, difficult. (sarcastic thumbs up)
So, I suppose, on the hole—I feel proud that I did some running even though it wasn't the full 4 miles. Hopefully next week I can accomplish this milestone.
Sunday: ab workout + crossfit
Just gotta keep on running! Thank you for everyone who has been sending such positive messages & leaving uplifting comments—it means so much! :)

Long sleeve top in silver blaze, tank in black jack, sports bra in north beach neon, compression capris in carbon - Old Navy
shoes - Nike

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